About OAS

Ocala Aviation was started in July 2000 by Ron Towater. At that time, Ocala Aviation was a one room Part 61 flight school with one airplane. Over the next few years, multiple planes were added and Ocala Aviation moved to the back office of its current location. During this time period, Ocala Aviation focused on local students and working on a good accelerated program. In 2010, Ocala Aviation was approved for Part 141 training. In March 2011, Ocala Aviation was approved to start working with International students. In 2015, Ocala Aviation was approved by the VA to allow veterans to use their VA benefits for flight training. Ocala Aviation was also approved by Liberty University to become one of their Affiliated Flight Schools, thus allowing students to earn a college degree in Aeronautics. We have increased our fleet of aircraft from the one plane to now 15 aircraft. We now have 9 instructors and 3 support staff, with the plan to add more.

We are approved by I.C.E. to help international students obtain the paperwork necessary for a student visa and are TSA approved to train students that are not U.S. citizens. We work with the FAA to help students validate their foreign licenses. Ocala Aviation is also a CATS testing facility and a NATACS approved fingerprint facility.